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The last conference was held in November 2022


Below are the keynotes and their topics:

Keith Davids - Professor of Motor Learning, Sheffield Hallam University, UK 

How should we conceive repetition in sport practice?

James Rudd - Professor in Pedagogy and Movement Science at the Norwegian School of Sport Science, Norway

Children in Motion: understanding the key principles of exploration and skill adaptation are essential when designing children’s movement experiences

Jean Côté - Professor of Sport Psychology, Queen’s University, Canada 

Guiding Principles for Athlete Short- and Long-Term Development

Ian Renshaw - Associate Professor, School of Exercise and Nutrition Science, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

So you think there is no thinking in a Constraint-Led Approach?

Dr. Vanda Correia - University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal

Structuring learning designs in childhood through the lens of Ecological Dynamics

Dr. James Vaughan - The University of Queensland, Australia 

Football, Culture, Skill Development and Sport Coaching: Extending Ecological Approaches in Athleta Development Using the Skilled Intentionality Framework

Robert Gray - Associate Professor of Human Systems Engineering at Arizona State University, USA

Capacity vs Skill: Training to Expand the Field of Affordances

MSc, PhD Student Aki-Matti Alanen - University of Calgary

Agility Evaluation in Performance Environment with Inertial Measurement Units: Guiding Practice and Test Tasks in Youth Soccer

Dr. Zöe Wimshurst - Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the School of Psychology, Sport and Physical Activity AECC University college 

PhD. Antje Hoffmann - Institute for Applied Training Science,Leipzig, Germany 

Talent identification and development in Germany – basic ideas and practical examples


Practical sessions

M. Ed., Educator, Author Mikko Rinnevuori - Sirkus 2.0 Cooperative, Parkour Oppimiskeskus Association, FSS Ltd. 

The Pedagogical and Practical Applications of Dynamic Environments in Skill Acquisition

PhD Alan Dunton - Movement & Skill Acquisition Ireland 

Enhancing Exploration: Martial Arts & Metastability

Associate Professor Pedro Passos - University of Lisbon, Portugal 

When interpersonal distances and relative velocities rule a player’s decisions and actions!

PhD. Jon Sundan / Professor Håvard Lorås / Associate Professor Egil G. Gjølme / Associate professor Øyvind Bjerke - NTNU, Trondheim, Norway 

Implementing Water competence in Education. Practical Application of Ecological Perspectives in Outdoor Swimming and Water Safety. The demonstration starts with a theoretical introduction: Ecological Perspectives on Motor Learning in Aquatic Environments by Håvard Lorås


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