Scientific Conference on Motor Skills Acquisition is back!



This is the fifth in the series of conferences hosted together by Kisakallio and University of Jyväskylä. Motor Skills Acquisition conference brings together sport practitioners of different types and international academics interested in application of research findings and ideas to enhance performance in sport and physical activity in elite and developmental programmes. The aim is to stimulate thinking and discussion of presenters and delegates, through integration of different forms of knowledge predicated on information that is theoretical, empirical and experiential in nature. Continuous interactions of delegates and presenters will be encouraged throughout the conference through provision of discussion forums, practical activities, roundtable Q&A sessions and informal social events.

Kisakallio Sports Institute provides a hospitable and conducive environment for developing knowledge, skills and principles that will enhance your methodological practice in the sport or physical activity of your choice.


More information will be released in 2024.


The last conference was held in November 2022 and below are the keynotes and their topics.

Keith Davids - Professor of Motor Learning, Sheffield Hallam University, UK 

How should we conceive repetition in sport practice?

James Rudd - Professor in Pedagogy and Movement Science at the Norwegian School of Sport Science, Norway

Children in Motion: understanding the key principles of exploration and skill adaptation are essential when designing children’s movement experiences

Jean Côté - Professor of Sport Psychology, Queen’s University, Canada 

Guiding Principles for Athlete Short- and Long-Term Development

Ian Renshaw - Associate Professor, School of Exercise and Nutrition Science, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

So you think there is no thinking in a Constraint-Led Approach?

Dr. Vanda Correia - University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal

Structuring learning designs in childhood through the lens of Ecological Dynamics

Dr. James Vaughan - The University of Queensland, Australia 

Football, Culture, Skill Development and Sport Coaching: Extending Ecological Approaches in Athleta Development Using the Skilled Intentionality Framework

Robert Gray - Associate Professor of Human Systems Engineering at Arizona State University, USA

Capacity vs Skill: Training to Expand the Field of Affordances

MSc, PhD Student Aki-Matti Alanen - University of Calgary

Agility Evaluation in Performance Environment with Inertial Measurement Units: Guiding Practice and Test Tasks in Youth Soccer

Dr. Zöe Wimshurst - Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the School of Psychology, Sport and Physical Activity AECC University college 

PhD. Antje Hoffmann - Institute for Applied Training Science,Leipzig, Germany 

Talent identification and development in Germany – basic ideas and practical examples


Practical sessions

M. Ed., Educator, Author Mikko Rinnevuori - Sirkus 2.0 Cooperative, Parkour Oppimiskeskus Association, FSS Ltd. 

The Pedagogical and Practical Applications of Dynamic Environments in Skill Acquisition

PhD Alan Dunton - Movement & Skill Acquisition Ireland 

Enhancing Exploration: Martial Arts & Metastability

Associate Professor Pedro Passos - University of Lisbon, Portugal 

When interpersonal distances and relative velocities rule a player’s decisions and actions!

PhD. Jon Sundan / Professor Håvard LoråsAssociate Professor Egil G. Gjølme / Associate professor Øyvind Bjerke - NTNU, Trondheim, Norway 

Implementing Water competence in Education. Practical Application of Ecological Perspectives in Outdoor Swimming and Water Safety. The demonstration starts with a theoretical introduction: Ecological Perspectives on Motor Learning in Aquatic Environments by Håvard Lorås


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