Scientific Conference on Motor Skills Acquisition is back!


This is the fifth in the series of conferences hosted together by Kisakallio and University of Jyväskylä. Motor Skills Acquisition conference brings together sport practitioners of different types and international academics interested in application of research findings and ideas to enhance performance in sport and physical activity in elite and developmental programmes. The aim is to stimulate thinking and discussion of presenters and delegates, through integration of different forms of knowledge predicated on information that is theoretical, empirical and experiential in nature. Continuous interactions of delegates and presenters will be encouraged throughout the conference through provision of discussion forums, practical activities, roundtable Q&A sessions and informal social events.

Kisakallio Sports Institute provides a hospitable and conducive environment for developing knowledge, skills and principles that will enhance your methodological practice in the sport or physical activity of your choice.

Professor Keith Davids will host this conference as the President. 

Greetings from Keith:

On behalf of the organising committee, it is my pleasure to invite everyone interested in the processes of skill acquisition, motor learning, teaching, coaching and areas of work related to the main conference themes. In the previous 4 editions of the Kisakallio meeting, the conference has gained a deserved reputation for providing a warm, open and interactive context for learning from theory, science and applications. Contemporary ideas are shared easily in a setting which facilitates discussions, exchanges and interactions. So, please mark these dates in your calendar and consider coming along to join the discussions and exchanges of ideas!

Main conference themes: 

Ecological dynamics

Nonlinear pedagogy

Designing and building skill training environments

Athlete Development

Motor development 


Keynote speakers that have already agreed to participate:

Professor Keith Davids, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom

Associate Professor Jia yi Chow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Professor Charles Hillman, Northeastern University, United States

PhD Martyn Rothwell, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom

Tanja Poutiainen-Rinne, Olympian and world championship medalist in Alpine skiing, CEO Comeback Center Rovaniemi, Finland

Professor Geert Savelsbergh, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), Netherlands

PhD Martina Navarro, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Professor Emerita Ingunn Fjørtoft, University of South-Eastern Norway, Norway

Professor Duarte Araújo, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Professor Damian Farrow, AFL, Australia

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