Become a partner?

The fifth international conference, co-hosted by Kisakallio and the University of Jyväskylä,
will take place in the spring of 2025. The Motor Skill Acquisition once again offers an
impressive lineup of world-class expertise related to physical activity and sports skills.
Focused on the learning and teaching of skills, the conference brings together professionals
in sports and physical activity, international researchers and students who are interested in
applying research findings and ideas across various areas of sports and physical activity.
The president of the Skills Conference is Professor Keith Davids from Sheffield Hallam University,
specializing in motor learning. The Kisakallio conference has become a sort of snowball
effect, attracting both domestic and international participants. The compact sports institute
environment provides an excellent setting for discussions and networking alongside the main
presentations. Throughout the conference, continuous interaction between participants
and presenters is facilitated through discussion forums, practical activities, and other social
engagements. Approximately 250-300 participants are expected to attend the conference.
As a partner, you will have the opportunity for comprehensive visibility throughout the conference
using various communication channels. We offer three different partnership levels, each ensuring
visibility before, during and after the conference. As a conference partner, you will support the
development of expertise in motor skills for children and young people in Finland. The competence
of coaches, teachers and experts, working with children and youth, is of paramount importance for
the development of physical activity and motor skills.



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