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A lively forest for the whole family

Karnaistenkorpi's hiking trails have paths from 2 kilometers to 7.7 kilometers to choose from. There is a guided nature trail, a story trail for children, the Korkiamäki hiking trail and mountain bike trails in Karnaistenkorpi. The routes and their distances can be found on the Karnainen camping map, which can be downloaded below.

On the traditional nature trail, you can get to know the diverse nature of Karnaistenkorpi on 12 nature trails. The route is marked on the terrain with red route markers. In addition, a story trail for children and families has been made in Karnaistenkorpi, which is marked on the terrain with yellow trail markers. In addition to the guided nature trails, you can go around the Korkiamäki hiking trail in Karnaistenkorpi, which is marked on the terrain with blue trail markers. The starting point of the route is on Jantoniementie. The route can be made longer by combining nature trails with it.

The starting point of the nature trails has been the development of the Karnaistenkorpi area for recreation, outdoor recreation and nature conservation needs. The planning has taken into account the ever-increasing number of tourists from outside the municipality, so the Karnaistenkorpi nature trails are well suited for all those interested in nature, and especially for visitors to Kisakallio Sports Institute. You can walk on the paths without getting lost even without a map, because the paths are well marked and there are guide maps at the intersections. The path can be traversed with outdoor shoes. Long trees on the routes are built and repaired as needed.

The Karnaistenkorpi nature trails are best accessed from Jantoniementie and Suoniementaipale, where there are signs to the parking lots. There are information boards at the starting points where you can get more information about the area. You can also leave from the yard of Kisakallio Sports Insitute along Karnaistenkorpi's own connecting path. In the Korpi area, you can move freely, observe nature and collect berries and mushrooms with every man's rights. Enjoy and experience great nature experiences in the quiet forest area of Karnaistenkorpi.

NOTE! In rainy weather, in autumn and winter, the long trees are slippery, so walk carefully. Also watch out for rotting trees and their branches in windy weather, as well as trees that are leaning into another. They may fall or branches may fall to the ground. Movement on the trails is at your own risk. It is forbidden to make a fire anywhere other than in the campfire places of the sheds. During the forest fire warning, open fires are also prohibited in campfires and disposable grills.

Starting point: Suoniementaival 28, 08350 Lohja or Jantoniementie 117, 08350 Lohja


Guidance map

On the hiking map you can see the marked routes of Karnaistenkorpi and other useful information. When going to Korpi, you should wear sufficiently sturdy footwear and be prepared for the fact that the sun does not always shine in the forest.

Lean in

On the shores of both Ahvenalampi and Sorvalampi you can find a shed with campfire places, firewood and kettles. The lean in also have outdoor wc. There are no waste bins, so you have to take all rubbish and waste away with you.

Kisakallio's Restaurant Sport

KIsakallio's restaurant serves hikers in Karnaistenkorpi: breakfast ensures a good starting mood, sports lunch keeps energy levels high, and brisk hikers are rewarded with delicacies from Rantamakasiini during the summer.

Mountain bikes

Ahvenalampi and Sorvalampi lean in can also be reached by mountain bike along the service roads. The mountain bike route is marked on the terrain with brown signs and its starting points are on Jantoniementie and Suoniementie.