Leisure and outdoors activities

A Nature Enthusiast's Gem

You can paddle, row and swim in Lake Lohja and the nearby Karnaistenkorpi is a real Troll Forest. In winter, the Kisakallio's beach sauna invites you to take a dip in the lake through a hole in the ice. In summer time our beach invites for fun water and beach activities.

We offer a wide range of guided or self-guided nature experiences. How would a soot pot coffee sound for a break in your meeting break or recharging your mind and body for a while in nature while hiking, cycling or running? Or learning, for example, a completely new form of exercise under the guidance of a professional instructor. There is a wide range of exercise from heart rate -pumping to restorative activities.

Located just a short walk from Kisakallio campus, Karnaistenkorpi offers a beautiful 200 acre lake plateau with small paths, a rich animal and plant population, old forest and traces of The Ice Age and a well-marked trail network. In Karnaistenkorpi you can enjoy orienteering, trail running, foraging berries, mushrooms and wild herbs, spending the night in well-equipped lay-ins, snowshoeing and mountain biking on marked routes.