• Second Scientific Conference on Motor skill acquisition 15.-17.11.2017



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Conference Theme: Methodologies to enhance sport performance  and athlete development: Integration of research and practice


This is the second in the series of conferences hosted together by Kisakallio, University of Jyväskylä and the Research Institute for Olympic Sports. It brings together sport practitioners of different types and international academics interested in application of research findings and ideas to enhance performance in sport and physical activity in elite and developmental programmes. The aim is to stimulate thinking and discussion of presenters and delegates, through integration of different forms of knowledge predicated on information that is theoretical, empirical and experiential in nature. Continuous interactions of delegates and presenters will be encouraged throughout the conference through provision of discussion forums, practical activities, roundtable Q&A sessions and informal social events. In the first conference in 2015, this type of format led to many opportunities for participants to develop their theoretical and practical understanding of the principles that underpin the design of skill acquisition and physical activity programmes for enhancing performance of elite and developing athletes.

The main focus of the 2nd Conference in this series is on the sharing and development of methodologies to enhance athlete performance and learning. To maintain this focus, the emphasis is multi-disciplinary and international, providing opportunities for engagement with leading experts in the areas of motor skills and physical activity, modern sport pedagogies, psychology, behavioural neuroscience, ecological dynamics, and coaching science.

Kisakallio provides a hospitable and conducive environment for developing knowledge, skills and principles that will enhance your methodological practice in the sport or physical activity of your choice

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Conference 2017 

The registration deadline has been extended to 10th of November!




Scientific board:

Timo Jaakkola (Chair), PhD, University of Jyväskylä

Sami Kalaja, PhD, Research Institute for Olympic Sports

Jarmo Liukkonen, PhD, University of Jyväskylä

Kaisu Mononen, PhD, Research Institute for Olympic Sports

Tomi Vänttinen, PhD, Research Institute for Olympic Sports

Mikko Huhtiniemi, MSc, University of Jyväskylä

Mei Teng Woo MSc, University of Jyväskylä


Conference price:

Full Board, including social events & conference dinner: 400€ (+60€/single room)

Day pass, including lunch & dinner: 100€

Dates to remember: 

The abstract submission deadline has been extended to August 15th, 2017

Submit your abstract here.

Acceptance notification August 30th, 2017

Registration has been extended to November 10th, 2017!

Preliminary program: 

Wednesday 15.11.2017

11.30 Exhibition Open

12.30 Opening Ceremony:

Principal of Sports Institute of Kisakallio: Asko Härkönen

Dean of the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, University of Jyväskylä: Dr. Lasse Kannas

Director of the Research Institute for Olympic Sports: Dr. Sami Kalaja

12.45 Professor Keith Davids - Implications of Current Theorising on Skill Acquisition, Expertise and Talent

Development on Practice Design in Elite and Developmental Sport

13.30 Professor Karl Newell - Constraints on the Acquisition of Movement Coordination

14.15 Professor Damian Farrow - The Value of Modification in Children´s Sport to Enhance Skill Development

15.00 Richard Shuttleworth - Designing Adaptive Training Games

16.15 Parallel Practical Sessions - Methodologies in Practice:

1. Richard Shuttleworth - Constraints Based Coaching

2. Martijn Nijhoff - Perception Training in Coaching

17.30 Dinner

18.30 Dr. Patrícia Coutinho - The Role of Unstructured Play and Practice in Skill Acquisition

20.00 Welcome Party

Thursday 16.11.2017

8.00 Exhibition Open

9.00 Professor Maarten Vansteenkiste – About Mustivation and Wantivation: The Critical Role of a Need-Based Motivating Style

9.45 Professor Chris Harwood - The Practice of Applying Motivational Principles to Optimise Athlete Development and Performance

10.30 Dr. Marije Elferink-Gemser – The Develoment of Talented Athletes Towards Expertise

11.15 Mark O’Sullivan - Creating a Learning Space : Theory Informing Practice and Practice Informing Theory - As Many as Possible as Long as Possible in the Best Possible Environment

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Parallel practical sessions - Methodologies in Practice:

1. Richard Shuttleworth - Constraints Based Coaching

2. Morten Bråten- Basic Motor Skills Training

3. Mark O’Sullivan - Creating a Learning Space

14.45 Assistant Professor Keith Lohse – Cognitive and Affective Determinants of Motor Skill Learning: An Applied Neuroscientific Model

Attention and Motor Skills Learning

15.30 Dr. Tuomas Kari - Is it Possible to Increase Motor Skills and Exercise Motivation by Exergames?

16.15 Exhibition

17.30 Possibility for Physical Activity

19.00 Conference Dinner & Social Evening

Friday 17.11.2017

8.00 Exhibition Open

8.30 Poster Session

9.00 Parallel Sessions for Oral Presentations

11.00 Professor Damian Farrow - Developing Decision Making Skill - On and Off the Field

11.45 Lunch

12.45 Parallel Practical Sessions - Methodologies in Practice:

1. Morten Bråten - Basic Motor Skills Training

2. Martijn Nijhoff - Perception Training in Coaching

3. Mark O’Sullivan - Creating a Learning Space

14.15 Kate Baker - Shifting the Paradigm for Skill Acquistion and Talent in Olympic Sports : A case study collaboration between GB Boxing and the English Institute of Sport

15.00 Closing Words - Professor Keith Davids

More information:
Jussi-Pekka Kinnunen

+358 50 5577321